Commitment Is a Key Part of Acting Success

Buschemi-adviceOne of the biggest mistakes aspiring actors make is failing to completely commit to a role. Even veteran actors are guilty of this, as there are many leading actors who have faced criticism for seeming to play themselves in every role they accept. Instead of playing themselves, what these actors are really doing is failing to commit to the part they are playing.

Adam Kutner acknowledges that making such a commitment is incredibly difficult. It is necessary, however, for an actor to undergo a transformation and become immersed in the character they are playing. There are some actors who adopt the method acting approach as an extreme way to completely commit, but this is not always a necessary step.

One of the great and underrated actors of his generation, Bruce Dern is noted for his ability to completely change his demeanor the moment cameras start rolling. According to Will Forte, who worked with Dern on the set of Nebraska, the actor made it seem as though a switch was flipped as he assumed a role that was completely different from his own personality.

For a new actor to be able to succeed, it is necessary to understand how to be able to “flip the switch.” Doing so requires that the actor has spent a great deal of thoughtful consideration on the nature of the role and all of the various emotions that exist beneath the surface of the character. Tapping into this spirit will enable the desired acting transformation to ultimately occur.

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