Life As New Actor Ralph Slaske Tells It

Being an actor isn’t exactly the easiest thing to get by with. When you practice acting, you aren’t building very many skills than can be used in the real working world that employers will look for. At best, the only skill you have going for you is the ability to work well with others, but that is expected according to new upcoming actor Ralph Slaske.

Ralph has been in the acting business for a good 5 years and finally is starting to make a few appearances here and there in movies and TV shows, but just how difficult is it to be an actor in the world when off-stage? Acting careers require time—A LOT of time. If you have a job while pursuing this career, you’re going to have to be able to have a flexible schedule and leave at random to make sure you appear for auditions and practice the parts.


Act Like a Man

Really Bad Acting
Really Bad Acting

If you are a bit immature I would suggest that you act like a man.  Use you acting ability to behave like you wish you were and soon it will become part of you nature.  Acting can be useful in life as I just detailed.  In a work environment acting is very useful.  When was the last time you acted like the bosses idea was good.  How about that last performance review.  Yes, they never are as you see yourself.  Just act like you appreciate the input and move on.  Here and example of acting in a useful way.