5 Hacks Actors Use To Make Sure Their Smile Is Always White

Karl Jobst Grove OK

Anne Hathaway, Blake Lively, and Julia Roberts, to name a few, are among Hollywood’s top picks when talking about celebrity smiles. And while most celebrities do have naturally white, sparkling teeth, others aren’t quite fortunate. It’s a good thing stars can always count on a cosmetic dentist who can help them with their dental needs such as veneers and whitening. It’s a worthy investment when you’re always surrounded by cameras and enthusiastic fans, but it doesn’t mean ordinary folks shouldn’t strive for that red carpet-worthy smile.

In fact, Karl Jobst Grove OK believes that everybody deserves the best level of care possible. To achieve that most coveted celebrity white teeth, here are some noteworthy hacks worth trying.

1. Straw it Up

Not everybody has the strong will of avoiding coffee, tea, soda, wine, cigarettes totally. And who can blame them really, these little things are considered a piece of heaven by some people. However, these are the causes of teeth stains, which we all know can be really unsightly.

So here’s a tip from a cosmetic dentist: use a straw! It may look silly, impractical even. But hey, if you don’t want to miss your morning coffee, drinking it through a straw and brushing your teeth right after will fend off hideous stains.

2. Get Professional Bleaching

Of course, nothing beats the services of a professional the likes of Karl Jobst, founder of Grand Lake Dental, a dental clinic based in Oklahoma. Dental whitening treatment is the most efficient and quickest process available, and one of the most sought-after dental services, too. You only need to do it once in every couple of months to maintain a set of pearly white teeth.

3. Go for Dental Veneers

Here’s something for those who got some extra cash to splurge – veneers! These are thin shells that are bonded to the surface of the teeth to fix the shape, length, size, and color of the teeth. If you want to get pearly whites, Karl Jobst Grove OK has got some dental veneers that are long-lasting and permanent so you can achieve pearly whites.

4. Make a DIY Teeth Whitening Paste

It seems tedious, but it may be the solution to your yellow teeth. One option is to mix bicarbonate of soda and a strawberry. You only need to mash these two ingredients together to form a makeshift toothpaste, but make sure to follow the correct instructions. Another one is two teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide and three teaspoons of baking soda. And make sure to get a hydrogen peroxide solution that’s less than three percent for safety.

5. The Lippie Hack

Sometimes, an optical illusion is the way to go. For those who want their teeth to appear white but don’t have time for any teeth-whitening regimen, swipe a bright red lipstick. It’ll do the trick.

Of course, it wouldn’t hurt to see a professional like Karl Jobst for your dental needs. It won’t only ensure you get white teeth, but you’ll keep your whole mouth, teeth, and gums in tip-top shape.

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