Randi Glazer on the Similarities Between the Acting and Underwriting Professions

Randi Glazier acting and insurance

As an avid traveler who has spent quite a bit of time abroad as a part of her professional responsibilities, Randi Glazer has had the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life and diverse professional backgrounds. As a result of her extensive professional experience in the underwriting industry, Glazer believes that there are far more similarities between acting and underwriting than most would likely realize.

Whether an acting role is set for the stage or screen, actors must spend an incredible amount of time preparing for a performance. Without thorough preparation, there is simply nothing that can be done at the time of filming — and especially so for a live performance — to hide the fact that the actor has not put in the necessary work to ensure a great performance. The same can be said of the underwriting industry, as there is so much that depends on thorough preparation that a lack thereof can be simply devastating and incredibly difficult to overcome.

Of course, Glazer also notes that experience in the acting industry would not necessarily prepare an individual for a career in the underwriting industry in such a way that they could immediately transition from one to the other, just as a career in underwriting would not represent an ideal path for someone with acting aspirations. While that may be true, there are a number of skills that do in fact translate across these seemingly disparate professions, particularly when it comes to the need to implement consistent and thorough preparatory strategies.

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