The Actors Guide To Authentic Self Promotion

Actors, writers, artists, and creatives of all types have a unique lot in life. As a creative, you are passionate about what you do. You love to perfect your craft, and the hours fly by as you work on the tasks you love so much. However, there comes a time when you have to make money at it! This brings you into the business world, where you will find gigs, network, earn revenue, and have clients. You will still be doing what you love, but in addition you will be balancing the many aspects of business. One large factor when it comes to your business practice that you should definitely be considering is how you are promoting yourself. Promotion is an aspect of your marketing strategy that can not be overlooked. Successful entrepreneurs like Krishen Iyer know about the power behind great marketing. Even if you know the importance of promoting yourself and your abilities as an actor, you might feel hesitant to do so. It can feel awkward to try to promote yourself, especially if you are going about it in way that feels pushy or fake. Instead, stay true to yourself. Here are eight concepts that will help you take your marketing to the next level through authentic self promotion.

1. Watch Your Language

In everyday conversation it is social convention to belittle oneself. This is detrimental to your career. Be mindful about the words that you use, and catch yourself the next time you start to criticize something that you have done just to fit in. Refrain from saying anything at all, or look for something positive to say.

2. Be Enthusiastic

People want to work with enthusiastic workers, who are passionate, open, and fun to spend time with. If you want to promote yourself, one of the best ways is by using your daily life, relationships, and body language as a statement. Actions speak louder than words.

3. Take Classes

Take acting classes in order to network with classmates and instructors.

4. Make A Website

Promote yourself by starting a website that enables you to share with the world. Introduce yourself, tell your story, and share your body of work.

5. Get On Youtube

If you are an actor, act! Shoot some video footage and put it up on youtube. People need to see you performing your skill. Get some fellow actors and actresses together, and film a scene that highlights your abilities.

6. Real World Social Engagements Are Valuable

Online platforms are important, but even a person with a strong online social presence needs to take things into the real world. Treat every social engagement as an opportunity to meet new people, make connections, and share what you are interested in and excited about.

7. Figure Out What Makes You Valuable

You can’t speak highly of yourself if you are internally criticizing and self loathing. Perform some introspection and sift through the fears that you have about self promotion. What skills do you know that you have? What do you honestly love about yourself? Put this into words so that the next time you are in conversation it can be at the tip of your tongue, and come from the heart.

8. Talk Others Up

Speak in a positive nature about other people, even when they are not around. When you genuinely compliment others, people will feel more warmly towards you, and associate your presence with an up-lifting sensation. That is a good thing!

Successful entrepreneurs are often great at doing two things. One is their craft, or their skill. This is a product or service that they have great abilities with. The second thing that entrepreneurs like Krishen Iyer have mastered is marketing. Authentic self promotion will give your marketing plan the boost that it needs!

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